Oil Drawing Set For DIY Artist!(50%OFF)

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Painting Medium: Canvas
Painting Medium: Glass
Painting Medium: Paper

Packaging: Set
Type: Oil Paints

Picasso’s finest paint set is here

We’ve assembled an acrylic paint set for all your artistic needs. Acrim holds every color you can think of and mixes flawlessly with other colors to bring you the whole specter of the rainbow at your fingertips.

We’ve pre-mixed each paint so everything is prepped for pouring. Acrim is ready to go from the moment you buy them, to make painting about the art, not the work.

You’ll find plenty of base colors added to the set. Everything you need to start creating art is neatly packed in Acrim, the all in one pouring acrylic paint set!

Why Acrim is for you

Invent a new color- The 32 vibrant color set blends perfectly with one another for you to create colors never seen before!

Ready to pour- Everything is pre-mixed, no prepping is needed. Acrim makes it easy, just pour and paint away!

For real painters- If you want to create real art then you’ll need only the best paint. Using your skills and Acrim you’ll create your next masterpiece.

Acrim is the ultimate choice- Our set provides you variety, convenience and an easy way into creating spectacular paintings with unseen colors.